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Properties in Motion® is the best hands-off listing video solution delivering hours of property search traffic while enhancing your brand image and customer experience. Listing videos engage the customer segment that prefers video over photos.

A listing video system that does the work for you

Within minutes of your listing being entered into the MLS a high definition video is created, published on YouTube™ and embedded on your website.

Through this proven process your website will get more search traffic from Google and get you more brand exposure.

Contact us today to see why you should take advantage of marketing to YouTube's 1 Billion users by calling 1-866-233-9833.*


Click the video above to see a demo

Key features include:

• Automated listing data download from pre-set listing parameters
• Data analysis and error-checking 
• Automated video upload to YouTube
• Automated embedding on your website
• Automatic updates
• Full HD resolution support
• Support for mobile and tablet devices
• Quality audio with multiple music options
• Optimized for SEO to build value for your website
• Affordable tiered pricing options

Contact us to hear why you should consider using Properties in Motion® listing videos.

 *YouTube Statistics


video gallery previewIt's a good feeling when something that your team has been working on for months is finally launching out of beta!

For over one year the Properties In Motion™ Team has worked hard on the product we announced one month ago at the 2014 National Association of REALTORS® Convention in New Orleans. The announcement of Properties In Motion™ was bigger than we could have hoped for and we walked away with more buisiness than we could have ever planned on.

As I'm typing this blog post we're running 10,000 videos for one customer. We're building the customer High Definition (HD) videos to launch on their web site at the end of this week. As I'm previewing the videos I feel like a kid admiring his awesome Lego creation (hey, I'm a tech geek/engineer) that took hours and hours to build and now that it's built it's running smoothly and perfectly. It's really that good.

So, I would like to thank the team that has worked on this project. They know who they are!

Keep watching this blog for more information on product launches and companies launching the Properties In Motion™ platform. It's an exciting time for us!

~ Mike


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