What does it cost?

Properties in Motion® pricing starts at just $30 per month!

Monthly pricing for Properties in Motion® is based on a tiered model which is set according the parameters you determine and billed for the highest total number of videos published for you in a month's time. We do not charge you if a video is updated and reuploaded, only for new listing videos. 

Affordable pricing tiers start at just $30 for 1-15 videos!*  Our model was developed to support the needs of single agents or small brokerages all the way to large enterprise real estate companies. 

Contact Us Today For More Information And Pricing 

Need help figuring out what your needs are? We have experienced video marketing experts who can help you develop a strategy that works for your company and advise you on our tiered pricing model which can include custom options such as custom templates, feed integration and YouTube™ channel development.

Contact us by filling out the form to the right and a representive will get back wth you shortly. 

Or call us at 866-233-9833 x312 to speak with a video marketing expert right now!

*Monthly cost includes a one time data set-up fee where applicable. Additional setup fees may apply for custom layouts and design as requested.



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